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Renée and Maurice Ziegler first met Dieter Roth in the 1950s together with other artists from the Bernese art scene. At that time, Bern was a magnet for artistic activity: Funded, among other things, by the commitment of Arnold Rüdlinger, the director of the Kunsthalle Bern,  A lively network of artists came together here, including artists such as Bernhard Luginbühl, Rolf Iseli and Franz Fedier.

In order for the Ziegler and Dieter Roth gallery to work together, however, it took a coincidence: The Zieglers were interested in the diverse works of the poet, object and action artist, graphic artist, painter and draftsman and bought the new one during a trip to Cologne published publication "Mundunculum".

Sitting in a cafe, they studied the book, which in a witty way mixes writing and images, and thus attracted the attention of the artist, who was also visiting the city. Roth liked the honest interest shown by the gallery owners in his work and they got along well. The Zieglers spontaneously asked if he was interested in an exhibition in their gallery in Zurich. Roth was already connected to other galleries in Zurich at this point, but it was agreed that a meeting would take place on the gallery premises to consider how to proceed.

At the meeting in Zurich, the Zieglers showed the artist not only the exhibition rooms but also the offices on the first floor in Minervastrasse, which gave him a special idea ...

Dieter Roth and Galerie Ziegler

Dieter Roth at the easel in the Galerie Ziegler on Minervastrasse, photographed by Maurice Ziegler, 1974

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